BAMA Kids, Inc.

(Better Activities Makes All-Around Kids)


Our Mission

Every child deserves the same opportunities to grow and develop.


This organization exists to improve the well-being-both physically and spiritually  of our youth in Wilcox County by combining organized recreational and educational activities, developing and promoting leadership involvement for youth and their parents, and by promoting life skills to prevent substance abuse and other harmful activities.


Our History

BAMA Kids, Inc. developed in 1993 from a group of volunteers that had been involved with Auburn University at Montgomery’s W. K. Kellogg Project and The Extension System’s “Youth at Risk” Council; as well as a group of citizens who were concerned about juvenile offenders and other youth in the community.  Efforts were underway by all three groups to serve at-risk youth in Wilcox County.  The catalyst was the killing of a nineteen-year-old, by the store owner, as he was allegedly stealing beer from a convenience store during an after-hour robbery.  The result was a coalition for youth-development in Wilcox County, which continues today.

BAMA Kids, Inc. has been successful in recruiting high-risk youth to its programs, maintaining contact with them and making significant impacts on their lives. BAMA Kids, Inc. focuses on the children and youth in the family, develops a relationship with them, which then facilitates a rapport with parents who would otherwise be difficult to reach.


Our program is made possible through the generous support of numerous donors and sponsors.


We gratefully acknowledge The Support of: